What’s a “Riveter”?

Riveters are those who “get stuff done”.

During WWII, women were encouraged to take up “non-traditional job” on factories to make everything from the planes to the  canned food that fueled the war effort and kept the American dream alive.

They were nicknamed “riveters”.

Today, entrepreneurs, small business owners, operations and logistics professionals “bolt” together dreams and know-how to transform ideas into action. We build the infrastructure and processes that run everything from the sharing economy to just-in-time delivery services to robo-advisors and more. We’re taking the American – and the Global Citizen – dream to the next level with better startups, social ventures and government initiatives.

We are the modern day riveters.

This site is dedicated to my follow riveters and seeks to provide them with the tools to  “bolt” together their own dreams.

Rivet on, friends. Rivet on.