Tool Shed

Resources for people who like to GSD.

This is an ever-growing list of get-stuff-done tools based on suggestions from interviewees and other fantastic folks.

Get Started

  • 3 Ways to Create Buzz Before You Even Have a Prototype
  • Docracy. The web’s only open collection of legal contracts and the best way to negotiate and sign documents online.This site has a lot of free legal templates. It may be worth familiarizing yourself with these templates before speaking with a lawyer.
  • Founders Workbench. Tools and templates for starting businesses.
  • NameVine Identify social media and domain names that are consistent across various properties.

Learn Quickly

  • Lynda. Video courses in business, yechnology and creative skills taught by industry experts.
  • Business book summaries.
  • Quora. Find answers to (not so) common questions or pose your own.

Get Inspiration

  • Design Thinking Courses. “Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.” – Tim Brown, president and CEO, IDEO

Keep Informed