Getting Unstuck


Life is about growth and evolution. Ideally, we progress through phases in such a seamless, effortless, and timely manner that we don’t get frustrated or bored. However, this is life – things are rarely ideal. In fact, most people in their career or personal life will, from time to time, feel “stuck” or unable to move forward.

As an action coach, Akua Soadwa helps people develop and execute on plans that help take their personal and professional lives to the next level through her signature “Get Unstuck” programs. Join us as Akua shares tips on getting and staying unstuck, talks about her programs and their principles, and offers insights on finding the right action / career / life coach for you.

Favorite Takeaways

  • Take intentional actions to get intentional results. It’s too easy to be busy. Take the time to assess your actions and whether they will lead you to the outcome you seek.
  • Self love & self care. What you eat, do, and say affects your body and mind. Go for foods and activities that make you feel good while you’re enjoying them and later. Also, keep your language – especially about yourself – positive; you’re pretty awesome, so why not acknowledge that?
  • Don’t compare yourself to others… you are where you’re supposed to be. Everyone’s life journey is different, with each step preparing us for later ones. So, embrace your situation you are what you’re supposed to learn / experience.


  • Danielle Laporte’s “The Fire Starter Sessions” and “The Desire Map: A Guide To Creating Goals With Soul”

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