Digital Marketing as a Part of Your Marketing Strategy


In many people’s eyes, digital marketing is a completely separate field from marketing and marked by its own rules. Marketing executive Elizabeth “Liz” Brigham , however, sees digital marketing as a set of tools that help create the bigger marketing picture. Listen in as she walks us through how she views digital marketing and how she has done what many businesses with a social media presence often fail to do – convert customer engagement into customer spend.

Main Takeaways:

  • Her predictions for marketing: We should – and will – be thinking more and more like “scientists.” To better leverage data and our access points to customers, we need test and learn from how variations in communicating with our audience affects the outcome.
  • Her best practice: Think about the best time and medium to engage and convert your audience. Some psycho-graphics / demographics use various media at different rates and for different reasons; for instance, Baby Boomers may not be using Pinterest to find recipes at the same rates as Millennials. Also, your audience need sto be in a state of mind to hear your message; for instance, you may find parents can’t hear your message about summer camp when they are rushing between meetings.

For more from Liz, follow her on Twitter @esbrigham or Medium.

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