Selling to Gatekeepers


Lauren Foundos is a modern Riveter. She’s an all American athlete turned bond market guru turned entrepreneur. Today, she is getting stuff done as Founder & Chief Executive Officer of FORTË – a service that offers live, streaming fitness classes from top studios. Listen in as she tells us her approach to sales and selling disruptive technology.

Main Takeaways:

  • Her advice: Know and bring value to your customer. If you stay focused on these things, the product and your pitch will improve.
  • Her approach: Get out there and start pitching. Consider pitching lower-risk accounts before going after your dream account.
  • Best (off-camera) quote: When she’s convincing a reluctant gatekeeper to join her platform, she reminds them of the benefits of embracing disruptive technology: “You can be Netflix… or you can be Blockbuster.”
From Forte.Fit