Identifying Your Next Startup (or Side Hustle)



Identifying and defining your next venture or “side hustle” can be overwhelming. Sometimes we have too many ideas. Other times, it’s hard to find one  that satiates one’s passions and is also lucrative. Allison Vicenzi – Founder of Materi-al – recently went through a soul-searching exercise in which she assessed her passions, skills, and more to identify her dream business. Join us as she shares her path and shares advice to those starting out on their own.

Fun Takeaways:

  • Find the problem you want to solve, then solve it.  Allison used Design Thinking – a process that starts with focusing on the problem you want to solve – to identify her passions and then the problem she wanted to solve that aligned with her passions.
  • HELL YEAH!” or “no.” When it comes to protecting her time,  Allison quotes Derek Sivers, who says “No “yes.” Either “HELL YEAH!” or “no.””  When events and opportunities arise, she believes that one should be emphatically in or opt out. Also, one should leave themselves time for work to happen and inspiration to take hold.


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