Selecting and Setting Up a Legal Entity


In Sanskrit, “shanti” means peace. To entrepreneurs, the name Shanti Hubbard means “peace of mind.” As Founding Law Partner at Chan Hubbard PLLC, Shanti helps startups and small business figure out how to protect their  intellectual property and assets with everything from patents to non-disclosure agreements to partnership structures. Listen in as we talk about how a legal structures can protect and enable your business as well as some of the best and worst ways to set one up.

Main Takeaways:

  • Her overall advice: Educate yourself. There are lots of resources out there where you can learn about legal structures and what they can do for you.
  • Her most cost-effective advice: See a lawyer before you set up a corporate structure. The alternatives may seem cheap, but simple and common mistakes can cost a lot more money and time to fix later – plus, you may have more legal exposure in the meantime (eeek!)
  • Suggested resources:
    • Docracy. This site has a lot of free legal templates. It may be worth familiarizing yourself with these templates before speaking with a lawyer.
    • Founders Workbench. More legal and other templates as well as startup tools
    • Quora. Great for asking how others have structured their companies
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